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Who We Are – Our Founders

Doug Fellows and Ken Scott founded Total Value Consultancy Ltd in 2002 and have over 60 years’ combined experience in the fields of organisational strategy and design, business performance improvement, value management & continuous improvement, change management & people development, supply chain management, Energy Optimisation and project risk management.

For nearly the last decade, much of their work has been focused in the area of renewable energy, mostly Wind, but some Solar, Hydro and Biomass too. They have become passionate about the industry and fully intend to continue investing much of their time helping organisations to become better at optimising yield and improving profits.

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Those who own or manage renewable assets already face a massive challenge in running their fleet efficiently and making money for their shareholders. Although they can often meet or exceed their availability target, many wind turbines are still running at considerably lower yields than their true potential. This implies a huge possible upside for those wishing to maximise profit.

Our vision is for a future where, for example, wind turbines can, and do, generate whenever the wind blows, where they achieve optimum yields and where all avoidable losses are transparent and judged unacceptable.

Over the years, we have seen significant potential for improving the way that many renewable assets are operated and maintained and consequently developed our own expertise and structured programmes for identifying and implementing new ways to increase yields and reduce operating costs.

We also believe that while there are still renewable assets operating that have benefited from subsidies there is a moral imperative on renewable owners and operators to get the most out of the assets they manage. We are dedicated to finding new and better ways to achieve this in readiness for the reduction and ultimate cessation of all renewable subsidies.

This is our contribution to making the industry self-sufficient and, in essence, is the very reason why we set-up TVC Renewables in the first place.


From the outset, the we wanted to create an organisation that is fundamentally good – good to its staff and associates, good for its customers and their goals, good for the built environment and hopefully generally good for the world at large.

  • As an organisation founded on providing value-based professional improvement services, our core value is to practice what we preach by continuously adding value to our clients’ organisations.
  • We strive to achieve this by first ensuring that we have a full understanding of our clients’ needs and requirements before commencing any work.
  • Our aim is to deliver tailored, value-based business solutions based on the application of the wealth of experience our consultants have gained during their work with many organisations.
  • We will never knowingly agree to commission work with a client where we believe it will not add value to its organisation, business and people.

We derive our satisfaction from making a recognised and valued contribution to our clients’ businesses and will only continue to be successful in delivering our services when the client believes they have obtained real value for money from us.

We therefore offer you practical help from exceptional people with remarkable capabilities and proven achievements.