Value through Change

The Renewable Energy industry is dynamic and thrives on innovation and progress. That means change. However, the level and pace of change required to meet the demands of the increasingly competitive and technological diverse market place is an ongoing challenge for many businesses.

Customers, suppliers and shareholders demand increasing value, quality and return on their time and investment. Identifying what stakeholders value, focusing upon that and eradicating waste is one sure way of addressing many of the challenges troubling renewable business leaders today.

The tools, techniques and management styles of different business sectors vary. Every sector has its own unique requirements but some approaches cross over into different sectors and can offer something new and valuable to the business.

Over decades the manufacturing industries have fought to maintain their market position. Techniques developed in the US and the Far East have been used successfully in the UK and elsewhere to concisely identify and satisfy client needs. Many of the techniques developed in a manufacturing environment can have real value when applied in Renewable Energy businesses.

“Value Management” (VM) is a collection of proven tools and techniques and a systematic method of applying them that puts the customer at the centre of the product design and delivery in a comprehensive methodology.

The cornerstone of all TVC Renewables work and services is Value Management.

Value Management is an approach to management that seeks to maximise the overall performance of an organisation by clearly defining required outputs and outcomes, promoting synergies, mobilising people and providing them with value improving tools so that innovative and sustainable solutions are achieved.

Since its origins in the 1940s, it has been developed and continuously improved over the last seventy years. It is not a trivial new approach, but a significant and established approach with a well-proven track record that demonstrates its effectiveness in achieving optimum performance at minimal cost.

Value Management utilises a number of structured programmes that can be applied to design or to improve products, projects, processes and services. It is based on a combination of:

  • Ensuring the right problem / opportunity is being addressed
  • Defining required objectives and value outputs
  • Using function analysis to generate new perspectives and stimulate creativity
  • Using creative problem solving to generate new solutions
  • Evaluating those solutions from a customer/user perspective
  • Creating a holistic approach through cross-functional teams
  • Generating ownership through consensual decision making
  • Following a structured approach – the “Job Plan”

Value Management can be used both strategically and tactically at all stages of the project life cycle. It is normally applied in a workshop environment with independent facilitators skilled in the application of the Value Management process.


The basic Focus for Value Improvement model above illustrates the range, relationship and diversity of the suite of Value Management tools and techniques. All of them rely upon a facilitated team based approach, so that learning is retained within the client organisation providing the foundation for sustainable improvement

TVC Renewables are specialists in facilitation of VIYOP and Quikshot® studies, which combine and utilise the most relevant and effective VM principles and techniques.

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