Value Improvement and

Yield Optimisation Programmes

We are specialists in the design and implementation of bespoke
Value Improvement and Yield Optimisation Programmes (VIYOP) in Renewable Power Generation.

Value Improvement and Yield Optimisation Programmes

The primary focus of our work is on renewable assets in their operations phase. A few things our VIYOP’s deliver for our clients:

  • LCOE optimisation.
  • Operational Excellence.
  • Improved asset performance and increased yield.
  • Reduced total cost of operations.
  • Evaluation and selection of proposed ‘Innovative’ solutions.
  • Mapping of production losses to best practice techniques.
  • Exposure of ‘honest wrong beliefs’
  • Improvement strategies bespoke to a portfolio of assets.
  • Evaluation of “make or buy” options for all support services.
  • Capability in Lean and Value Management tools specifically for renewables.
  • Alignment with wider company goals and business imperatives.
  • Procurement strategies to improve contractor performance.
  • Identification of cross-departmental conflicts and priority misalignments.

Our programmes are tailored to your specific needs and circumstances; such as, portfolio size, technology diversity, value proposition, operating model and Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) targets. We ensure you achieve your own combination of goals in one comprehensive, creative and cohesive Value Improvement and Yield Optimisation Programme – VIYOP.

Our unique approach makes this journey possible for any renewable energy organisation, owner, operator or investor.

We are experienced professional practitioners who understand the importance of behaving with empathy and humility and yet remain entirely focused on providing exceptional advice and facilitation to help you deliver your goals.

Yield Optimisation

A structured approach to the identification of production losses and process waste on a single renewable asset or a portfolio of assets. It uses Yield (e.g. the percentage of wind captured from the wind available (also taking into account the expected power curve of the WTG) as its key metric and attempts to categorise and classify the various losses. We then map the losses to best practice techniques to identify a suitable combination of initiatives that will provide the greatest improvement to Yield.

Value Improvement

Value improvement Programmes normally have multiple metrics that constitute value for the customer – Yield can be one of them. In addition to this, we also use cost driver analysis to understand and categorise all aspects of cost associated with wind farm Operations, Maintenance and Asset Management and then develop strategies for reducing it without compromising yield or safety.

Not sure you’re right for a full VIYOP then consider a Quikshot® Study to find out.


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