Value Improvement and Yield Optimisation Programme

A long-term commission working with the Owner-Operator of a major onshore and offshore wind portfolio (circa.1.5GW) to identify and categorise offline and online production losses and consequently establish and manage a multi-faceted programme of improvement projects (70+) focused on the optimisation of yield and removal of avoidable cost and process waste.

The outcomes included a £multi-million increase in the profitability of their asset portfolio, a more effective and streamline operating model and the introduction of a sustainable approach to Operational Excellence.

Following this, we were asked to design and implement a bespoke Continuous Improvement (CI) Programme. This involved the selection and adaptation of appropriate ‘Lean’ tools and techniques to suit the renewable power generation industry rather than simply applying standard CI from the manufacturing sector. Multiple business cases for changes to secure ongoing improvements and efficiencies were presented to the Board for approval as a direct result of this programme.

We also trained 12 of their staff as Continuous Improvement/Lean facilitators to provide an in-house capability for the ongoing process improvement and transformation programme.

Value Engineering of Wind Turbine Generator

A 6-month assignment to design and deliver a series of workshops using a value management approach focused on improving the competitiveness of one of the company’s flagship products.

The objectives were threefold: Identify product improvement opportunities to increase competitiveness. Identify cost reduction opportunities of 25% to be implemented within 12 months. Provide a capability for sustainable value management knowledge and application in the future.

This was a fully project managed initiative including client management, material development, staff training and briefings, internal and external communication, workshop facilitation and project reporting.

Significant improvement opportunities were identified in Product Design, Manufacturing Processes, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance and Servicing.

A series of detailed work plans were developed by the study teams to improve the competitiveness of the selected product and reduce capital and whole life costs by the required 25%.

In addition eight of the company’s staff were trained to foundation level in value management techniques to enable them to provide an internal capability in the discipline for future initiatives

Organisational Strategy, Design and Transformation

Commissioned by a well-known power utility at the inception of its standalone European-wide renewables division to design and set-up a new Procurement function.

The new business had a targeted annual investment budget of circa. £1.1bn and we were responsible for implementing all aspects the of the new procurement organisation including: the development of supply chain strategies, identification of appropriate competences and job profiles, design, testing and selection of structural options, documentation of all policies, procedures, systems and processes, role-out and training of ‘users’ in the new procurement rules, etc.

During the delivery of the above, we were also tasked by the Chief Operating Officer to lead a comprehensive review and integration of all Technology and Engineering functions. Included engagement with country CEOs and wider leadership, presentation of objectives and priorities, the agreement of scope, timing & design, agree and build opportunity assessment plans, set up of country and programme teams and steering group initiation. We then led the implementation of a company-wide network for all technical and engineering disciplines, focused on establishing and maintaining engineering excellence and process efficiency through the horizontal integration [meaning across all technology sectors and countries] of technical expertise and competence.

Renewables Control Centre – Development, Design and Delivery

Through a phased project delivery process, the control centre was designed, established and later expanded to bring it in line with business growth strategies and to enhance performance and value: Ultimately enabling a major renewable utility with 750MW of generation plant across 30 sites to get closer to its assets and manage all activities in real-time.

The project included the specification of software and hardware systems, ranging from control systems through to logging and vehicle tracking, with a focus on managing the health and safety, technical and commercial aspects that impacted the wind farm asset portfolio.

The health and safety aspects included managing hundreds of visits every week by ensuring the staff were authorised and permitted to complete the works under WTSR, monitoring weather and providing both short-term (in-day) and long-term (3 to 14 days) forecasting in addition to warnings for extreme conditions that would endanger personnel on site, and making sure people leave site safely to return home; this all being logged with daily activities and emergency contacts and procedures.

Technical management of the plant included remote monitoring and resetting of turbines considerably quicker than OEM service providers in the post-warranty period, remote operation of the plant in preparation for works to reduce the risks faced from undertaking this locally, and condition monitoring and fault recording so that faults and failures are highlighted and diagnosed as quickly as possible and repair costs minimised.

Commercial aspects included interactions with National Grid for operation of plant within the balancing mechanism and for ancillary services to meet grid balancing needs and meeting the requirements for shared data and provide breakdown details to meet REMIT regulations.

Within the scope of the project we covered all aspects of designing, building and operating the control centre, including shift patterns and staffing levels, training and authorisation panels, key process mapping, operational procedures and full business continuity plans. Within the first two years it exceeded £1m per annum additional group income and significantly reduced plant downtime.

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