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Operational Excellence

In a Renewable Power Generation industry that has a multiplicity of excellent O&M diagnostic software, predictive maintenance propositions and ‘optimum service models’, it would be easy to believe that all O&M challenges and frustrations can now be easily overcome.

However, for those that need to translate this information into an actionable ‘hands-on’ programme which will actually produce more energy (pbA, yield, output) and reduce costs, there may be a huge disconnect between what data is telling us and how to practically identify and implement the optimum solutions that will close the gap.

Our programmes reconnect the theoretical with the practical using a structured and proven approach combining value management methodologies and exceptional facilitation.

A comprehensive VIYOP will address and deliver all aspects of Renewable Power Generation O&M yield optimisation and cost reduction potential whilst also educating those who are involved and leave them self-sufficient to continuously improve.

Our Quikshot® study will quickly and concisely articulate a VIYOP designed to your company’s required outcomes in the most efficient and cohesive way.

It is well known that Value Management is widely and successfully used in many manufacturing and product processing sectors. Numerous variations or themes on what were, and still are, fundamentally sound concepts have been developed, redesigned, rebadged and sold as the next best thing to sliced bread. Indeed, it seems obvious nowadays that to think “lean” or to change “good for better” cannot be wrong for any progressive or technologically dynamic business wanting to be more competitive or to differentiate themselves.
The renewable power sector has been in the spotlight for not being financially self-sufficient or as economically sound as other power generation technologies. It has previously relied on subsidies, and now they are being withdrawn we need to find cleverer ways of securing and improving profitability. There are huge untapped opportunities for value improvement throughout the operations phase of a wind farm – VIYOP is the right vehicle to find and benefit from them.
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Renewable Power O&M - VIYOP

We are specialists in the design and implementation of bespoke Value Improvement and Yield optimisation programmes (VIYOP) in Renewable Power Generation

Renewable Power Generation - Quikshot

Our no-nonsense approach focuses on where and how the cost of electricity generation can be reduced

Our Approach – VIYOP

The cornerstone of our VIYOP’s is the early identification of customer value criteria (CVC) and the metrics that underpin them. Only changes that improve CVC are considered for implementation. Improvement ideas can be quantified against the CVC and prioritised so that implementation costs are kept to a minimum and incurred where they achieve the maximum benefit. Any substantial investment items will be supported by a full business case for presentation to shareholders to release funds where needed.
Our ultimate aim is to help make our clients self-sufficient in VIYOP so that when we have done our work and moved on the process is strongly embedded in the operation and culture of their businesses. However, we understand that it is natural to want to see that VIYOP is effective and does actually provide meaningful improvement before deciding to fully integrate the process into their activities.

We are therefore happy to work with you to run VIYOP pilot projects in order to demonstrate and test the process prior to your decision to implement fully. At the point of deciding to go ahead, we would then help you to identify suitable candidates for training in the use of a suite of VIYOP tools and techniques and work with those people whilst they developed their skills and knowledge.
Throughout the pilot and training phases we would expect the client to be receiving real payback and improvements to their value criteria (CVC).
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Our Experience

TVC Renewables have been developing Value Improvement and Yield Optimisation Programmes for renewable power O&M since 2011. We know Renewables and we know VIYOP. We have made our mistakes and learned from them. We now offer you the chance to benefit from our journey.


We’d love to talk to you about your specific requirements so please get in touch.

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